Zero Pound Game Owner Assets 

The Zero Pound Game is designed to help keep clients focused and engaged during the holidays, a time when many people abandon their healthy habits. 

Our mission at Fit Body Boot Camp is to inspire fitness and change lives, every day. It's our responsibility to help keep our clients' heads in the game NO MATTER the time of year. Fitness is 365/24/7. 

Here is how it works. Your clients should pay a minimum of $10 to participate. You can set the price. Matt Wilber locations are putting $5 toward weekly prizes and $5 to charity. Again, you can do whatever you'd like. 

Each week that clients complete their daily healthy habits: drinking half their body weight in ounces of water, getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep, and working out for 30 minutes 3 times each week; and when they complete their weekly habits: meal planning and prepping (while maintaining their weight within 2 pounds), they can enter a ticket into the weekly raffle to win prizes. 

There are also 5 bonus behavior tickets they can submit to increase their chances of winning. 

There are two versions of the game board: USA and Canada since Canada does not yet offer Trulean supplements. 

The game is designed to start the week after the 10-Week Fit Body Challenge ends. The start date is December 2. The end date is January 6. 

You should do you weekly prize drawings every Tuesday.

Drawing dates: 

WEEK 1: Tuesday, December 10
WEEK 2: Tuesday, December 17
WEEK 3: Tuesday, December 24
WEEK 4: Tuesday, December 31
WEEK 5: Tuesday, January 7


Get a nice bucket or basket for clients to put their raffle tickets into. 
Allow the tickets to build up over the weeks; don't start over each week. 
Announce the winners on your business Facebook page at the same time every Tuesday. 

You decide what you want to give away as prizes. Pick things clients want. 

The Zero Pound Game is designed to be a trifold game board with perforated tickets. You will want to work with a local printer to get them printed. They will cost you a couple dollars each to print. If money is tight, factor that into the price that you want to charge clients to participate. 


We are providing you emails and member Facebook posts to promote the Zero Pound Game. If you want clients to get excited and participate, you need to get excited about it. Explain how it helps solve their problems and will keep them on track during the holidays. 

Other ways to promote: 
  • Have a printed game board at Fit Body so people see it when they walk in. 
  • Promote the game on the mic
  • Send 2-3 texts to clients 
  • ​Do a Facebook live


Watch this overview video to see how the Zero Pound Game board works (and folds!)

This is how the game board looks opened up.

Each folder below contains the print-ready file if you opt to have a professional printer produce the tri-fold game board. The folder also includes a 2-page PDF you or your clients can print since it doesn't require any special folding.  

U.S.A. Materials 

Canadian Materials 

Promotional Materials